Brazilian Knickers

Once upon a time in a South American country called Brazil there was a swimsuit. It was not a thong and not a full brief but in the middle and created by removing some of the material from the full brief look. Soon it would become a hot trend and quickly spread from swimwear to underwear. F.Com travelled back to Brazil where the Brazilian originated to bring you this priceless staple of women's underwear. Our Brazilian knickers are high-cut legs making your legs look longer and sit low on the hip. The material at the back gives you a slightly more covering than a traditional thong giving an absolutely flattering bum figure.

The Brazilian style of knickers give your bum a new identity and way of expression. Bum uplift and surgery is never guaranteed to give you the bum of your dreams but these knickers certainly do at a fraction of the cost.

Browse our exclusive range of Brazilian knickers and give your bum a confidence boost. It's worth it.