F.Com No Squabbles Loyalty Program

Loyalty is the key to the success of everything on this planet, from brands to relationships. Loyalty should be rewarded to reflect its value. Millions of loyalty programs have been established  worldwide.

I remember joining one supermarket  loyalty program and even though I was a frequent shopper I never received any reward for more than 5 years. The loyalty program was branded one of the worst loyalty program because of the amount of points it took to receive a small reward which amounted to less than 0.1 percent cashback. The program was eventually closed and every customer was given a reward to move to the new program with better rewards. It was a happy ending.

This experience has inspired me to create a simple F.Com No Squabbles Loyalty Program with no small print and instant rewards for your actions.

1. Email Sign Up: Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive a discount on your purchase. The discount code is included in the email and ready to use.

2.Free Knickers: Refer  friends, family, colleagues or someone you just know to receive a FREE pair of knickers when they spend £50 or more. Simply ask the person you refer to put your details in the Message To Seller Section. Please ask the buyer to include your email or phone number so we can send you your FREE Knickers Code. There is no limit to how many people you can refer to receive this offer as this offer is based on each referral and the buyer meeting the minimum spending threshold.